Super Powers 🦸

If you ask my mum, I am great at everything

(❤️ you mum) but when it comes to how I can help you, your business, your staff or your clients, this page will give you an insight into my superpowers.

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My super powers and skills

Learning Strategy & Design 🤓

15 + years, building 1000's of digital programs for Fortune 500, ASX 200, Global Not for Profits, Small to Medium Businesses and Solopreneurs. Staff training, onboarding, compliance, systems and everthing in between.

Live and Digital Facilitator 🎤

15+ years of delivering training and workshops in a range of soft and technical skill topics. High energy and audience focused. Ability to create training from scratch or learn subject matter quickly and present with limited notice.

Commercialisation of Knowledge 💰

A big super power for me is the ability to see the commercial benefits and opportunities that training programs provide. Calculating impact and ROI for companies to building commercially viable business models for content providers.

One take wonder 📽

Thanks to being a student of The Speaking Gym, my content delivery and creation on video is often one take. This means I am able to create large volumes of quality, engaging and specific content for my programs, clients and causes.

Coach and Mentor 🧞‍♂️

Whether it be helping new to industry learning designers in our LAMP program, working with our clients to support them through their course creation, event production, public speaking development or commercialisation of knowledge, I am supportive, inclusive and action orientated.

Digital Event Creation and Curation

Digital events are the most EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE activities business owners, coaches, consultants and companies can do to impact as many people as possible. Building the systems, the structure and delivery of your event is something I love doing having delivered 1000's of events during my career

Other skills and fun facts:

  • Started out as a Personal Trainer

  • Owned his own gym in Melbourne

  • Owned 2 ice cream stores and learnt to make gelato

  • Volunteer and Professional Lifeguard for 8 years

  • Taught lifesaving in Japan

  • Converted and lived in his Van for 2 years

  • Raced canoes across oceans and islands in Hawaii, California, NZ, Cook Islands and Oz

  • Willingly jumps in ocean rips to use as free public transport to go bodysurfing

  • Still doesn't like cleaning my room

  • Can watch youtube at 2x speed

Tone and Style

  • "dude" and "rad" are common words in Steve's vocabulary

  • Casual and laid back but knows his stuff

  • Super witty with endless movie references and analogies

  • Able to think super quick on his feet

  • Confident and high energy delivery

  • Genuine care for audience, client, learner experience

  • Builds rapport and relationships with all levels of the food chain genuinely and quickly

  • Function over fashion is many aspects of his life

  • Imperfect action over waiting for things to be perfect

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